Newsletter   ·   July 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Halloween! Happy Holidays! Oh, and while I’m at it, Happy Martin Luther King Day! I’m trying to make-up for the fact that there have been three season changes, various new projects, a big new site launch, and a baby born since the last Gridwork newsletter. So without further ado…Happy Easter!


Doctor doctor, gimme the news

First and foremost, we are thrilled to share our new case study on a big project we launched earlier this year for Wyoming Medical Center. This was a major team effort to elevate their site along with an overall brand refresh. Creating an accessible, mobile ready website for a medical institution proved to be meaningful and needed. And we must say, the group was extremely pleasant to work with. Thanks guys!


I like to move it, move it

Are you sitting at a desk? Maybe you’re standing at a desk. Maybe you’re reading this on your phone. I hope you’re not driving! My guess is you need some motivation to get up and move. This breakdancing video looks dangerously effortless. My new summer goal: improve my cartwheel.


Start making sense

So you want your website to have great SEO? This is a common request from our clients. However, it’s not really about Google search anymore. It’s about optimizing your presence across the web. It’s about being consistent and deliberate with every bit of content you own. “Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too” does an excellent job of simply explaining how Search Engine Optimization is changing and it’s course for the future.


Secular sabbath

In 2008 Mark Bittman wrote about taking a break from technology. I can say with certainty that I would benefit from turning off all devices for a day. Heck, even just an afternoon. With hesitation, I’ll admit that I’ve settled into a routine of scrolling away on my phone thoughtlessly. It’s time to start working hard at not working.


Let's give them something to talk about

Holla. We launched a new About page.

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