Newsletter   ·   March 2015

What are you creating?

I’ve found an increasing need to to seek local exhibits that invoke wonder & creativity and installations that make me wish I could to zap to Paris. There’s a lot to love about working from home but there are times I wouldn’t mind having a casual kitchen break. The kind I used to have when I worked in a busy office. I could ask a co-worker, “What are you creating?” Although a simple, “What did you do this weekend?” might reveal just as much. 

Because I do not have many human co-workers to discuss these things with, I’ve been searching to see what others are putting out in the world. Whether it’s a new discovered song or an appealing flickr feed, or something more grandiose, like the links I share below, I love seeing how we all find inspiration and what people make and do.


The future of automobility

I am captivated by this site. It provides an interactive display of the future of the automobile. I look forward to purchasing Gridwork’s first Work on Wheels with ever changing workspace surroundings, and an easy way to grab take-out for lunch.


Imagining 99% fewer cars

For another bold outlook on the future of the car industry, check out Zack Kanter’s article on how autonomous cars will reshape the economy as soon as 2025. It presents a world without traffic, public transportation, the DMV (!!!) and parking & speeding tickets. And the biggest payoff, the possibility of reversing the global warming trend.


Blurring the outside and the inside world

Google is completely rethinking the traditional office building and recreating the space with much consideration for the natural landscape, both inside and out. The concept transforms the idea of buildings as boxes with walls and floors into areas with a single super transparent ultra light membrane creating the effect of super glass fabric draping across tent polls. What the what? I am blown away by these minds. Check it here.

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