What is Gridwork?

It’s a tiny web design studio in Seattle. Gridwork was founded in 2005 by Seamus Holman after working in-house for a variety of publishers & nonprofits.

Our name is made up, but apparently it's also a DJ, horse riding maneuver, and a spiritual connection to the eternal cosmos. Solid company.

Our design process is interdisciplinary and agile. That means getting involved with content creation, visual design, and front-end code on every project.

Each year we launch 6-12 projects and then support and nurture many of them for years, as they ebb and flow along with the organization.


Founded company in a little house on an island.

notable projects In These Times, Global Explorers


Moved to Tacoma, WA. Started making jam.

notable projects In These Times, Shelterforce, Center for Social Media


Opened coworking space in Tacoma, first SXSW.

notable projects In These Times, Chicago Public Schools, mStoner


Obama! Hope! Change! Started making pickles.

notable projects Global Explorers, 1000 Kites, Small Screen Network


Second SXSW, began building early mobile sites.

notable projects Ecology Project International, Good Job DC, Quilts for Kids


Moved to Seattle. Refocused on design, personal development. Discovered trampoline gyms.

notable projects Appalshop, Genesis Financial


No more print. Exclusive focus on web & mobile design.

notable projects Cognitive Edge, American School of Classical Studies


Developed deeper ecommerce expertise. Last SXSW. Moved accounting online. More Obama!

notable projects Market Leader, Clarasmom, ShopSeptember, Nation Inside, Peas + Popcorn


Added project manager. Focus on agency partnerships & local clients. More content strategy.

notable projects Ten Gun, if/then, Tenants Union


Added SASS/workflow automation, version control.

notable projects Windermere, Cedar Grove


Changed from waterfall to agile process. Switched default CMS to Craft. Built a standing desk.

notable projects Kellogg Insight, Small Screen Network, States of Matter, Julian


Back to coworking. Started Craft meetup. More focus on site speed, rapid iterations, marketing.

notable projects Windermere, Wyoming Medical Center, Kellogg Insight, Cedar Grove


Moved to private office. Built content builders. Embraced Git. Return to hosting.

notable projects Churchome, Gourmondo, Tiedemann


All in on Craft 3. Utility-first CSS. More design strategy & brand sprints.

notable projects Ivinson Memorial Hospital, Kellogg Insight, Windermere

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