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Kellogg Insight

There is a small, brilliant team of editors, thinkers, podcasters and writers nestled in the juggernaut that is Northwestern University. Published out of the Kellogg School of Management, Insight is a magazine that strives to articulate the core principles and critical thinking that has made the school famous.

We have had the honor of collaborating with this team over the years in several capacities. Initially we came on to support and improve their ExpressionEngine setup after they had a new site built by mStoner, a higher-ed focused agency in Chicago. Then we reimplemented brand new EE templates based on a new responsive design by Upstatement, a periodical focused agency in Boston. And most recently, we iterated that Upstatement design to accommodate art directed articles and a dynamic, ultra-flexible homepage that editors can redesign on the fly depending on the content at hand.

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